I first met Jeffrey Robles over 10 years ago through an employment assistant program referral. I was in need of some guidance and advice and went to his office battling many emotions around the gravity of the situation I was in. I appreciated his approachable and kind demeanor as he walked me through various scenarios. Fast forward to 2019 and without even realizing that I had connected with him previously I was connected again through a web search. He shared that that he remembered me.

His remembrance of me along with his kind, compassionate and active listening contributed to why I chose to seek advice from him again. Jeffrey is knowledgeable and offers sound wisdom but for me the additional important pieces were active listening, a calmness, compassionate spirit and kindness. Knowledge is something that can puff people up so when it’s tempered with a kind character that’s what makes it even more outstanding.

He has a good balance of all that is needed and required when in a legal situation. I would highly recommend him and will go to him again should the need arise.

Lavorn H.