I required legal representation but was not sure on how to go about it and finding legal counsel was more stressful and challenging than I expected. I called several local law offices and the only one who returned my call was Jeff Robles at Reilly & Partners Professional Corporation.

During the initial meeting and discussion with Jeffrey Robles, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulder. I felt that I had found a lawyer who would not only skillfully represent me but seemed compassionate and nonjudgmental and highly interested to right the wrong.

I was advised that the process maybe long and at times stressful and as it turned out Jeffrey was not wrong. For over a period of two years, countless phone conversations, hundreds of emails and legal documents review and responses, the case was settled out of court and the outcome was fair for both sides.

I appreciated the legal services and genuine compassion and the very successful resolution to my case.

John N.