had the pleasure of meeting Jeff at a difficult time in my life when without warning I was dismissed from my job. Not only was it a week before Christmas but the company I was working for failed to offer me adequate compensation when they dismissed me. Jeff’s reassurance and professionalism gave me peace of mind instantly. Although I was extremely upset and worried that I wouldn’t have a case against my old company, Jeff immediately pointed out all the reasons why I did!  And recommended I not sign their release letter.  Afterward, although the company continued to be unco-operative, Jeff was relentless. He used every legal tactic effectively and finally successfully closed my case still rendering me in the plus. By that I mean, Jeff made sure he handled each action with cost in mind. He made sure I came out a winner!  I would recommend Jeff to anyone who feels they have been wronged by their previous employer in a dismissal situation. Jeff is very knowledgeable and candid – he will give you the truth. He is communicative and compassionate – he has your back and for me that was so important so I could get on with the task of finding new employment!!

Christine L.