I had the opportunity to meet Jeffrey Robles to resolve an employment issue. He is patient and a very good listener. He has a very calm personality and got the work done professionally which allowed me to get more than the initial offer.

I would definitely use Jeff’s service again without any hesitation. He gets the job done while making you feel comfortable. I am grateful that I got more than I expected because of his service. I would wholeheartedly recommend using Jeffrey Robles in work disputes.

Val B.

You’re very supportive and honest about the situation and that is much appreciated. I will be sure to recommend you.

Sharon F.

Professional staff that cares about critical situations. My case couldn’t have been resolved without Jeff Robles, the lawyer I retained that had more patience than I. Very professional, knowledgeable and open to every question that was asked and I was treated as if you were part of the family.

Allan O.

A very knowledgeable and detailed oriented attorney. I had a case that was previously turned down by many lawyers as it supposedly did not have any legal merit. Then I found Jeffrey who not only took the case but also won us a settlement that was way beyond our expectations. Highly recommended!

Omer M.

I highly recommend the legal services and support that Jeffrey Robles offers to any employee or employer, whether a small business or large corporation. He is a knowledgeable, experienced, trustworthy, punctual, caring and up-to-date expert employment lawyer that holds the principles of fairness and equity at the center of everything he does as an employment lawyer. I do not hesitate to refer anyone requiring his expert services to my closest friends and family.

Nader K.

After being terminated from my employer of 20 years, I contacted Reilly and Partners law firm.  I was referred to Mr. Robles, who was able to quickly negotiate a fair and equitable settlement of severance with my employer.  I was very pleased with the results, and Mr. Robles and his team were courteous, professional and most importantly, understanding.  Thank you for helping me through this very difficult and emotionally charged situation.

Kris V.

I needed advice on an employment issue that was draining my energy and affecting me mentally and emotionally. I was referred to Jeff Robles by a friend. A call was placed to his office and an appointment was scheduled immediately. After my first scheduled meeting I knew I was at the right place and I felt at ease knowing I found an expert who is knowledgeable to handle my case. Professional and friendly staff, great service and positive environment. If you are looking for an employment lawyer, I strongly recommend Jeff.

Tricia C.

I first met Jeffrey Robles over 10 years ago through an employment assistant program referral. I was in need of some guidance and advice and went to his office battling many emotions around the gravity of the situation I was in. I appreciated his approachable and kind demeanor as he walked me through various scenarios. Fast forward to 2019 and without even realizing that I had connected with him previously I was connected again through a web search. He shared that that he remembered me.

His remembrance of me along with his kind, compassionate and active listening contributed to why I chose to seek advice from him again. Jeffrey is knowledgeable and offers sound wisdom but for me the additional important pieces were active listening, a calmness, compassionate spirit and kindness. Knowledge is something that can puff people up so when it’s tempered with a kind character that’s what makes it even more outstanding.

He has a good balance of all that is needed and required when in a legal situation. I would highly recommend him and will go to him again should the need arise.

Lavorn H.

I found Jeffrey Robles through a search because I needed advice on how to handle an employment issue I was going through.

Jeffrey was exceptional, knowledgeable, very easy to work with, and provided me sound advice and how I should handle my situation. Jeffrey advised me of the different scenarios it could go so I was well prepared. After meeting with Jeffrey, I felt confident in knowing my rights and how to handle it. I felt at ease, non-judgmental and Jeffrey got it with little explanation due to his experience in this field.

I will definitely use Jeffrey again and so glad I found a lawyer I know I can trust and will not charge me unnecessarily or extend his time but only provides excellent advice. I highly recommend Jeffrey!

Ellie B.

Jeffrey’s professional demeanour, excellent counsel and advice set us at ease right from the beginning of the process. We always looked forward to our meetings and we appreciated the followup. Very well done!

Ken K.