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Changed Substratum – When your job duties no longer match your employment contract

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COVID-19 – Constructive Dismissal Update

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Can I Change My Mind After I Quit?

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Introduction to Injunctions

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Negligence and Children’s Liability

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Oppression Remedies – A Matter of Substance Over Form

What Does Undue Hardship Mean?

Two Companies, One Common Employer 

What makes for a reasonable job search after dismissal?

Bonuses: Do you know what you are entitled to when you are let go from your job?

Did You Know That The Early Termination of a Fixed Term Contract Requires Special Attention?

Did You Know Contractors May Be Entitled To Reasonable Notice of Termination?

Did You Know Federally-Regulated Employees Cannot Be Dismissed Without Just Cause?

Did You Know Reinstatement Is Possible Without A Union?

Privacy and Confidentiality in the Workplace

The Art of the Notice Period

Weak Economy? You Could Be Entitled to More Pay in Lieu of Notice

Income Damages Awards – What is the Difference?

Being Dismissed in the Summer Could Mean a Longer Notice Period

Potter v. New Brunswick Legal Aid Services: Constructive Dismissal Update

Update on Recent Appeal Decisions

Bhasin v. Hrynew: Good Faith in Contractual Performance

“What about my pension?!” – Termination When Retirement is in Sight

Time to Take Workplace Harassment and Abuse Seriously

Farwell v. Citair, Inc.: Constructive Dismissal by Demotion

Gristey v. Emke Schaab Climatecare Inc.: The Effect of Economic Factors on the Notice Period

Gahagan v. James Campbell Inc.: The Interplay Between Frustration and Accommodation

Everything Must Go : Employee Rights in a Corporate Bankruptcy

Hryniak v. Mauldin: The Latest Word on Summary Judgment

Tred Carefully : Terminating Employees on Leave

Damaso v. PSI Peripheral Solutions Inc.: When Too Much Work Amounts to Constructive Dismissal

Levinsky v. Toronto-Dominion Bank: Forfeiture of Deferred Compensation and Restraint of Trade

Jiu Jitsu, Chess and Employment Law

Employment Law Basics: Dismissal and Notice

Inazo Nitobe and the Practice of Law

“I’ve Just Received a Severance Package. What Should I Do?”



Is Your Home Office A Fundamental Term Of Employment?

My disability claim was denied. When should I sue the insurer?

What medical information can an employer request?

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