What will happen to my job now that the business has been sold?

Mergers and acquisitions of companies and their assets occur on a regular basis. Sometimes the entire company is acquired by way of a purchase of the shares. At other times, only the assets of the company are purchased, leaving ownership of the company intact. From an employee's point of view, this distinction can be important … Continue reading What will happen to my job now that the business has been sold?

Everything Must Go : Employee Rights in a Corporate Bankruptcy

Has your employer filed an assignment in bankruptcy? Here is a useful article on the considerations involved.

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Everything Must Go

Lehman Brothers, General Motors, CanWest, Nortel… Large scale corporate bankruptcies certainly grab headlines and send tremors through the economy. However, bankruptcies are not limited to large corporations, and every day, in large cities and in small towns, businesses are unable to meet their obligations to creditors and fail. Often times lost in the headlines or the clearance sales are the implications that bankruptcies have on employees, and the inevitable terminations that flow from corporate collapse.

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